I lost two followers for that last post.


What’s wrong with my fanservice tag? B(

Let’s play “Have you ever?”. You ask me and I have to answer you, yes or no.

(Source: askboxmemes)

ARTIST: Fall Out Boy
TRACK: Death Valley
ALBUM: Save Rock and Roll


365 day song challenge: 007 - Death Valley by Fall Out Boy

oh there you go

undress to impress

you can wear your crown

but you’re no princess


YOU SHOULD HANG OUT WITH ME I’ve missed you c:

I like this idea because there’s gross things everywhere I need someone not gross to lay on.

We should float around in your pool too because mine still smells like jello. :(

Wow, still? Kuya did that like a billion years ago but okay. Either way my pool just smells like pool, so good news there.

We need to catch up~

Pixels, I leave Guild Wars 2 for just a few weeks, then when I come back some stupid update blew up my favorite place in the game.



I saw you follow but I didn’t get around to saying “hi” til just now. So—

hello, and whatnot. I’ve seen you pop up on my dash a few times.